Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodies from the Garden

Above: Rhubarb and blackberry pie, hhhhmmmmm.

This was my first try at rhubarb pie and a lattice-top. Perfectionists will notice that I forgot to weave the lattice. My next pie will be perfect (I will apply myself!). The taste, however, was fantasmabulous. Now, I'm going to dream of ways to use up my blackberry reserves. I have bags and bags of frozen blackberries, which I picked last summer. Must finish them up before it's time to pick more!

Above: My greenhouse, the envy of many gardeners. Chock-full of tomatoes and basil.

I also have to get going on the tomatoes and basil planting. They are going outdoors this week. The garden promises to be very productive. More garden goodies coming this summer.

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